OPI hires Director of Sales Charlie Horning

OPI announces the addition of Charlie Horning to our sales team. Charlie has been an award winning Consultative Sales professional who also has experience in both B2B and B2C marketing for the past 12 years. Charlie has been part of successful start-up companies and has experience with venture capital backed investments. Charlie has been hired as a Strategic Consultant to jump start sales efforts, define sales and account processes, as well as re-engineer field sales marketing efforts.

For the past 4 years Charlie has taken his communication and strategic capabilities into the Interactive Development space to help his customers find valuable solutions to both their project and staffing problems. Helping clients achieve goals and forming long lasting partnerships are what drives Charlie to be successful. Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology as well as Masters in Business Administration. When he is not helping his clients solve problems he enjoys golf, triathlons, and bird hunting with his two Labrador Retrievers.

We’re excited to add Charlie to our team!

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