Interactive Asthma Action Plan

Minnesota Department of Health’s Interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP) is a computer based, user-friendly tool that assists health care providers to properly manage their patients’ asthma. The application provides simplified access to current NAEPP/NIH asthma severity and treatment guidelines.

Faced with a tight deadline and a limited bugdet, MDH worked with Object Partners to define an expert system for navigating through more than asthma medication 40,000 options. Using Grails, Tomcat, and MySQL Object Partners created a custom web application that can be deployed in desktop, server, and kiosk modes.


  • Agile Project Leadership
  • Grails Development
  • Project Architecture
  • Cloud Configuration and Deployment

Application Features

  • Implemented guided interview process to reverse engineering asthma severity from a patient’s list of current medications.
  • The appliction recommends treatment plans based on each patient’s asthma severity and the NAEPP/NIH guidelines.
  • Includes services to synchronize the application database with a reference repository of medications, advisories, and treatment plans.
  • Supports periodic data export for eRx and E.H.R. integration.
  • Implemented to support section 508 accessibility.


  • Lead the team to project completion 5 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Successfully deployed to MDH’s Kiosk where the application is can be used world wide or downloaded for local deployment.
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