The vision of DealCurious, LLC is a reinvention of the home buying and selling experience through the use of technology. BuyerCurious, DealCurious’ first product) is a free, online real estate marketplace that enables people to buy and sell homes cost effectively (with or without the help of an agent.) Buyers can search for homes, request showings, and make online offers, while sellers can list a home for free, receive and negotiate offers, and finalize a purchase agreement.

For DealCurious, Object Partners created a custom web application complete with online tools for multi-party, private negotiation of home offers. Sellers can register their home, purchase custom yard signs, and will be automatically notified of incoming offers. Buyers can seach for properties, confirm the property on the map, formulate and negotiate a purchase offer.


  • Agile Project Leadership.
  • Grails Development.
  • Project Architecture.
  • Cloud Configuration and Deployment.

Application Features

  • Automated status updates to buyers, sellers and agents via menu driven IVR features, SMS messaging, and delivery of offers via certified postal mail.
  • Payment processing.
  • Property searching.
  • Phone number processing to ensure automated calls are made only to valid, legal numbers.
  • Google analytics integration.

Using Grails, Object Partners helped DealCurious quickly bring the product to market on a platform that allows for rapid modification.

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