Sep 24, 2012

News: OPI hires consultant Larry Schoenfeld

Object Partners welcomes Larry Schoenfeld to their consulting staff. Larry has seen a lot of change in his 34 years in the I.T. industry, beginning with Fortran (!) programming on Honeywell mini-computers, thru the latest grails/groovy technologies in the web space. And through those years, he has worked in numerous industries, including avionics, traffic management, computer research, health-care, wireless data-comm, banking/financial, and e-commerce. For a while he even tried I.T. management, but returned to his sweet-spot as a architect and developer. Larry believes that the best thing about this industry is the constant change, and the opportunity to learn, innovate, and be challenged. He is a huge advocate of iteration, agility, and pragmatic programming. Among the skills he feels are important to being a great I.T. resource: being better at asking questions than giving answers, rejecting complexity for simplicity, and communicating constantly with client, staff & colleagues.

After 3 years away from the consulting side of the business, Larry is looking forward to getting back in the groove with OPI. Welcome Larry!

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