News: OPI hires consultant Paul Heaberlin

Object Partners announces the addition of consultant Paul Heaberlin to their technology consulting staff. Paul has worked in the defense industry for the past 8 years working on Java/JEE applications. He has filled roles that vary from hot fixes for fielded systems to technical lead. Most of his development has been on back-end services for complicated weather systems to disseminate and analyze data in real-time. Paul brings experience working in all layers of the application, from designing database tables to building services and even tweaks to the front-end. This background has shown him the absolute necessity of unit tests, and the proper use of a given technology to fulfill a need. Paul is excited to be exposed to more new ideas and technologies in the constantly changing world of software.

Paul’s responsibility will be to build upon our reputation of delivery and excellence, initially around numerous Java initiatives. We’re excited to have him; yet another rockstar consultant to add to the team!

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