News: OPI hires consultant Nate Flink

Nate Flink is a native Minnesotan web developer with a curiosity about innovation. Nate has been writing code and developing UI for web applications professionally since the ‘90’s, in the non-profit, corporate, advertising, and start-up sectors. Upon graduating from Art school with merits, he subsequently embarked upon a logical career path: Java developer.

With a hybrid approach toward web and mobile development, Nate has a foot in two worlds, namely, art/design along with web technology. Utilizing languages from iOS to Java Spring to Jquery, Nate enjoys collaborating and learning with an amazing plethora of gifted colleagues in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area on a daily basis. Most often, he finds quality results are proportionate to effective cooperation, and above everything, communication.

What is it that makes for a successful career? Doing what one loves to do. Having fun while being challenged. Working and learning from one’s peers. Launching new projects and products into the world. Sharing in the success of all. Nate’s current passion is developing mobile applications, for strong brands. Especially, the iPhone and iPad. The challenge of creating a harmonious user experience and well crafted code is often extremely fulfilling, and fits into Object Partner’s goal of delivering high quality software. We’re very exciting to add Nate to our team; welcome Nate!

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