News: OPI hires Consultant Colin Harrington

Object Partners announces the addition of Consultant Colin Harrington to their technology consulting staff. Colin’s main responsibility will be to expand and build upon the knowledge and expertise of OPI’s technology consulting footprint in the Twin Cities by leveraging his knowledge of enterprise level software systems, most recently in the Groovy/Grails technology space.

Colin comes to OPI with over 2.5 years of Grails experience and over 10 years of experience developing web-based applications. He’s an agile practitioner with a proven track record having been a key component of many powerful fast-paced teams. He’s an active member of the Groovy and Grails community, and has vast experience creating, implementing, extending and using dozens of various Grails plugins. He’s also a speaker at the Gr8 Conference this year in the US (, along with OPI Sr. Consultant Andy Miller.

His addition solidifies OPI’s strategy towards employing the top talent within the local IT/software community. We’re excited to have him as part of the OPI team!

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