News: OPI Launches 1st phase of New Website

In an effort to gain market share, and build on the outstanding reputation as a leading provider of enterprise consulting services, OPI has launched the initial phase of their new “user-friendly” website. “We really feel that we haven’t fully utilized our reputation that we have in the software community”, said Ehren Seim, Director of Recruiting at OPI. “We hope the new website gives both candidates and clients a clear picture of what we do and why we’re good at it. With social media becoming such a large piece of today’s corporate culture, we felt it was necessary to employ some of those techniques to engage with our audience.”

The site gives both functionality to the mainstream audience, but also serves as a simple, intuitive interface for both the OPI consultants and business operations to update content and contribute toward the corporate blog. Featured on the website will be OPI’s widely recognized monthly tech talks (in both video and podcast format), as well as technology specific weekly blog updates from OPI’s consulting staff. The site is meant to contribute to both OPI’s overall corporate image, but also to educate our clients on current and emerging technologies.

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