Jan 27, 2009

News: SpringSource establishes partnership with OPI

The two companies partner to deliver leading edge enterprise software based on the Spring Portfolio of products.

Object Partners, Inc., a leading provider of custom application development and integration services using Java, open source, and commercial technologies has announced a partnership with SpringSource, the company behind Spring. The partnership integrates Object Partners’ highly regarded technology consulting expertise with the omnipresent software company that builds Java infrastructure software and whom created Spring (the de facto standard Java platform). “We’re excited to enter into such a partnership”, said Chris Spurgat, President of Object Partners. “With our expertise and reputation in the mainstream software community as well as our high level knowledge of Spring, we feel that this partnership will only strengthen our position and status as a leading IT service provider. We’re also very excited about the Grails movement, and are hoping to contribute to the success of our clients using SpringSource’ support offerings for developers and IT operations that utilize Groovy/Grails, Tomcat, and Spring based applications.”

About SpringSource
SpringSource builds Java infrastructure software which eliminates the complexity of enterprise Java. SpringSource created Spring, the de facto standard platform to build, run, and manage enterprise Java applications. SpringSource also employs the leading committers for Apache Tomcat and is the leading Tomcat support provider.

The open source-based Spring Portfolio is a comprehensive enterprise application framework designed on long-standing themes of simplicity and power. With more than five million downloads to date, Spring has become an integral part of the enterprise applications infrastructure at organizations worldwide. SpringSource offers very comprehensive support, consulting and training services for these technologies. In addition, with its recent acquistion of G2one, SpringSource now offers global enterprise support offerings for developers and IT operations that utilize Groovy and Grails applications. Grails is an open source, advanced and innovative web application framework based on Groovy, and built on proven and high-performance open source solutions such as Spring. For more information visit www.springsource.com.

About Object Partners, Inc.
Object Partners, Inc. (OPI) is a leading provider of enterprise IT consulting services to the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest region. For over 12 years, OPI has been consistently providing its clients with excellent service and outstanding results. Our continued success is based on our deep knowledge of enterprise level technologies and our experience in building and deploying large scale IT systems for our clients. We work closely with our clients to create enterprise solutions that scale and perform while exceeding the expectations of the business stakeholders. We employ only senior consultants with the years of experience necessary to consistently deliver the mission critical applications that our clients’ businesses depend upon. For more information, please visit us at www.objectpartners.com.

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